Jumpstart January

Event Application

Saturday, January 20, 2018
Henderson Convention Center
200 South Water Street, Henderson, NV 89015

By signing this agreement, you agree to all terms below for this event hosted by Vegas Events and More, LLC. Alterations to this agreement can only be made by Vegas Events and More, LLC. This application does not guarantee a spot at the event. Vegas Events and More, LLC will review the application within 72 hours and notify the applicant regarding the status of the application. Spots are not secured until full payment is made.

Vendor's Information

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Your business will require a special permit from the Southern Nevada Health District to attend this event. If you currently have a PR# for your Mobile Vendor or Annual Itinerant permit, please enter it above. If you do not have a PR#, then visit Southern Nevada Health District: Temporary Permits and complete the necessary application for an Annual Itinerant, Mobil Vendor or Temporary Food Establishment permit. Once completed, please provide the PR # or TFE# to Vegas Events and More.

As the Event Coordinator, it is Vegas Events and More's responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment to its guests and vendors. It is the vendor's responsibility to know what permit they need and actions to take to uphold the same safety and health standards for their business at this event per the Southern Nevada Health District and Nevada Law.

There will be a health inspector at this event and your business may have a health inspection. Please have all necessary items and documentation easily available for the inspector. Failing to pass this inspection or uphold these standards during the show could result in your removal from the show by Vegas Events and More. No Refunds will be provided for anyone being removed from the show for violating these standards.

Please understand this is for the safety of all our guests, vendors and your business.

Included Features

Jumpstart January Features: This is an INDOOR event at the Henderson Convention Center. Set up time will be from 8am - 10am. This event is limited to 75 spaces. Each space will be 10' x 6' and include a 6' table with linen, 2 chairs, electricity and FREE WiFi. Vendors may purchase an additional 6' table with linen for $10. Vendor may also bring any other tables, displays, gridwall etc. so long as it fits within the space. Tables must have a floor length covering. Vegas Events and More will be giving out free swag bags to the first 75 attendees. Vendors may participate in the swag bags for no additional charge. This is a great way to promote your business. Vendors deciding to participate in the swag bag promotion must provide an item, sample or discount card.

Swag bags are offered to the first 75 customers. Vendors may contribute items to the swag bags for their company at no additional cost (paid for by Vegas Events and More). Participation is optional and has proven to be beneficial for companies.

Event Space Request
Space Type Quantity Price Total
** SOLD OUT ** 10' X 6' booth (includes 6' Table w/Linen, 2 Chairs, Electricity and FREE WiFi)
**SOLD OUT** 10' X 6' corner booth (includes 6' Table w/Linen, 2 Chairs, Electricity and FREE WiFi)
Additional 6'table w/Linen
Food Truck Space
Total fee due to secure spot at the event
Policies and Procedures
Product Review
All products sold must be approved by Vegas Events & More, LLC (hereinafter known as the promoter). The promoter reserves the right to prohibit any product line or vendor deemed distasteful, offensive or dangerous to the event. Vendor must list all items to be sold on the "Event Application". Failure to do so, may result in the vendor having to remove these items at the event.
Booth Location
Spots will be assigned by the promoter as they see fit. The promoter will do it's best to meet the needs of the vendor but vendor must realize that the promoter has final say in booth location.
Limited Vendors
The promoter will only allow one vendor per company (i.e. Avon, Origami Owl, Tupperware etc.) The promoter also has the right to limit product lines (i.e. jewelry, candles, clothing etc.) to ensure a variety of vendors/product lines are represented at the event.

Please Note: "LuLaRoe Land" is an exception to our "Limited Vendors" policy. LuLaRoe has a variety of styles, colors and patterns that no two representatives have the same products. With the support of the local LuLaRoe representatives, some events may feature "LuLaRoe Land." This is a special section at the event where more than one LuLaRoe representative is present. Signing up for an event featuring "LuLaRoe Land," the vendor understands there will be other LuLaRoe representatives at the event where some product overlay between vendors may occur and the Limited Vendors policy is not applicable.
Booth Splitting
The promotor allows only one vendor per spot. Splitting a booth is prohibited unless the vendor has written consent from the promoter.
Booth Staffing
Vendor's booth must be staffed at all times. In the instance that a vendor must leave, such as bathroom break, food run etc. Vendor is responsible for their booth and products while they are gone.
Cancellation and Refund Policy
The vendor may cancel in writing 14 days or more before the show date and receive a full refund or apply payment to a future event. Payment IS NOT refundable after the 14 day period. There are absolutely NO refunds for any reason thereafter. The promoter is not responsible for weather, Illness, natural disaster etc. that may affect the vendor from participating in the show.

Should the promoter cancel the event, the vendor will be fully refunded or have a chance to apply those funds to a future show. Promotor has up to 30 days to process any refunds due to the vendor.
Failure to occupy your space
If the vendor does not occupy the assigned space within 30 minutes prior to the opening of the event, the promoter reserves the right to sell the space or use it as they see fit with no obligation or refund to the vendor.
Event Set up
The promoter will email out loading instructions, set up times etc. within 48 hours prior to the event. Vendor must be set up and ready prior to the start time of the event. All supplies, containers, carts etc., must be removed or stored hidden from view. Vendor is responsible for anything needed to conduct their business, such as payment options, lights, displays etc. Event contract may list features provided by the promoter such as WIFI, Electric, Tables etc. depending on the venue/event. Vendor should not assume these are offered at every event and have alternative options to ensure their success.
Event Space
Vendor has the right to design their space as they see fit. They may use any tables, racks, grid wall etc. All items and displays must fit in your assigned spot. Items may not block walkways or fire exits. Table spots are limited to what fits on the table. No addition racks or displays can be added to any other area than the table itself.
Guest Attendance
The promoter has no control over actual guest attendance or promises any specific results. Although the promoter does have an advertising budget based on the event size, we are all in this together to make the most successful show possible. Please invite friends, family, customers etc. Post the event on your websites, Facebook pages and groups. The power of a great show can greatly be magnified if we all work together.
Liability and Insurance
The vendor should obtain insurance for their business at their own expense if desired. The promoter and venue are not liable for the loss, injury or damage to any person(s) and/or product(s).
Laws and Regs
The vendor is responsible for all knowledge of laws, regulations or ordinances pertaining to public safety and their business while participating in the event. Compliance is mandatory and the sole responsibility of the vendor.
Smoking Event Clean-Up
No smoking is allowed at the event except in designated areas. Vendor is responsible to keep their space neat and clean at all times. You must dispose of your own trash and leave your space as clean as when you arrived. Nothing may be taped, nailed, stapled etc. to any property of the venue.
Change of Event
The promoter has the right to make any changes necessary as they see fit for the benefit of the event. In the event the venue closes its doors, acts of God, or other unforeseen events, the promoter has the right to change the location, duration or terminate the event. Vendor will be refunded or offered to apply payment to another event if the event is cancelled.
Duration of Event
All events will have a specific start and end time. The vendor agrees to be present at their booth for the entire time. The promoter has the sole discretion to allow a vendor to leave early. The promoter at their discretion may refund all, none or a portion of payment if the promoter decides to cut the event short. Vendor understands they are under contract to stay for the entire event unless otherwise decided or approved by the promoter. If a vendor leaves early without approval, they will forfeit all rights to a refund and any opportunity to do another event with the promoter.
Sales Tax
Per the Nevada Department of Taxation, it is the promoter's responsibility to record and collect all sales tax for any items sold at the event. Each vendor will receive instructions and paperwork regarding this process prior to the event starting. The vendor will be responsible for tracking all sales and collecting the appropriate sales tax.
Photo and Video Release
The promoter may take video, photos etc. of the event, vendor booths, products etc. and use them as they see fit. These may be used but not limited to event promotion, marketing material, Facebook, websites or other things. Vendor understand these become property of the promotor and acknowledges their consent to use such items. The promoter also agrees any marketing material such as fliers, Facebook posts, or other advertisement may be used by the vendor to share to promote events by the promoter.
By clicking the "Submit Event Application" button, the undersigned warrants that he or she has read the above and agrees to these terms for this event of Vegas Events and More, LLC.